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Great Tor Soulscape |
Rihla 2024

Restart the dream. Conquer your inner Everest and venture into the inner landscape of your heart through reflection. This is why we call it "soulscape". We've known every terrain by this. Explore how the unseen world speaks to natural world, a picturesque world that speaks to all of our enlivened senses until you discover the world that resides within each and every one of us. Discover your unseen potential and restart your Islamic goals to come closer to your Lord. Study the Quran and the natural signs of Allah (swa) to revive your mind, body and spirit. This isn’t a trip for luxury, but a trip of healing, learning and breathtaking realisations. Prices include courses, transport, accommodation, food and activities. Date of departure is 17th-21st August 2023 (4 nights and 5 days) Child tickets are for children aged up to 16yrs.

This is not a luxury holiday where one is pampered, but rather a peaceful spiritual retreat where we all happily learn together.

It is about offering kindnesses and serving one another and healing ourselves through each other, so that we return with a renewed sense of purpose.

This is not for the consumerist, the entitled, or uncultured Muslamics. Often one's soul wants to grow while one's body yearns a tourist site. 

If you want luxury, there is nothing wrong with that per se, then please book a resort or stay home. We serve those who want a holiday break informed by Islam. 

We apologise for the bluntness, but there is always one that wants to ruin it for the other 110 attendees.  

So if one wants spend on a spiritual retreat but desires material comfort more, then one should avoid comparisons and go to the holiday resort, we will totally understand. Otherwise "marhaban and welcome". 

No refunds as cancelling will harm the funds raised for grassroots community outreach work we do throughout the year.

Very Limited spaces

We have limited spaces that are gone before many decide to take the plunge. Reserve yours now before early bird spaces run out!

All proceeds of Great Tor Charity Trek will go to #ProjectBarakah to fund The Qur'an Institute

The Qur'an Institute offers courses and mentorship to young muslim families and has many charity wings

A whole range of activities

    We have a whole range of activities included in this retreat in the 2 acre space including:

  • Campfire tafsir sessions

  • Tazkiya sessions

  • The Great Meldon Tor trek

  • Archery

  • High Ropes 

  • Nightsky Star Gazing

  • Bluewater Beach Walk

  • Idyllic Streamwalk Hike

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